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Blind embossing

Blind embossing on letterheads and business cards are elegant, refined, restrained and yet full of character. They show all the subtleties of the motif. Flat subjects are to be represented by blind embossing without excessive dominance.

Relief printing

Thermal relief printing (also known as thermography or thermal printing) is a finishing process for printed matter that lifts writing and drawings off the paper in a relief-like manner. This printing technique offers the possibility to implement the representation of the steel engraving process in a cost-effective manner.

Foil stamping

Embossing foil printing is a special, modern letterpress printing process in which a very thin foil is transferred to the paper, cardboard or plastic film under the influence of heat.

Steel engraving

The steel engraving is one of the graphic gravure printing processes and is known as one of the most exclusive finishing variants. Light motifs can be reproduced clearly even on the darkest background, while fine contours shine with high contrast and intense colors.

Adhesive labels

Adhesive labels are a broad field. Endlessly on a roll – or flat on a sheet – depending on how best to solve the given requirement. With the stamping foil process, three-dimensional reliefs can also be achieved, and punching forms in all conceivable outlines, special surface treatments and inline lamination are also possible.

Seal marks

The sealing of packaging with seal marks not only serves to protect the content and brand, but also looks extremely classy and attracts attention. Like hot foil stamping, seal stamp printing is suitable for all flat motifs with integrated negative elements.

Dear Mr. Conzelmann,
Many thanks for the quick completion of our business cards.
An impressive and very qualified job! We really like the cards and they turned out just as we imagined. Appropriately representative and at the same time a visual highlight thanks to the relief printing.
Thank you again for the great work and still good business.
With best regards,

Albert Hornstein - www.mit-media.com - Managing Director

Dear Mr. Conzelmann,
the first edition of the relief embossing with silver and gold foil of my sea lily as a template on paper as a novelty is complete and beautiful. Now this is allowed to conquer the market and bring joy to many people.
A spontaneous idea became reality through your skills and commitment. Thank you for that and for the great experience of being able to be part of the minting process.

Ute Hauff - www.hauff-fossil-art.de - Urweltmuseum Hauff

Dear Mr. Conzelmann,
Your steel engraving is world class! Thank you for your excellent printed matter.
Kind regards

Prof. Dr. phil. h.c. Moritz Hunzinger - www.hunzinger.de - Honorary professor for PR and Communication

Dear Mr. Conzelmann,
Now the novum 10.19 is finally here and it has become a real gem. We in the editorial team are thrilled, all variants look great and each has its own charm. The feedback so far has been consistently very positive, and there have also been many enthusiastic reactions online. I would like to thank you very much for the excellent cooperation. Your commitment and your expertise have made the result really spectacular. You can only wish for such partners, thank you!

Christine Moosmann - www.novum.graphics - deputy editor-in-chief

Dear Mr. Conzelmann,
I have received the business cards and I am very satisfied with the result. The cards turned out really nice. Thanks a lot.
With best regards from Zurich.
A happy business card owner.

Dr. Mario E. Casotti - www.augen-stampfenbach.ch - Ophthalmologist

As an agency with a great passion for fine papers and special finishes, we want to offer our customers first-class products. The Conzelmann printing company has been our partner of choice in this area for over 15 years. I look forward to inspiring exchange, professional advice and excellent execution with every project.
Thank you very much!

Anette Ganter - www.daskreativbuero.de - Owner | Senior Art Director

Hello Mr. Conzelmann,
Thank you for the reliable handling. I have just received a big thank you from the customer, who is also enthusiastic about the quality of the business cards ... I would like to pass this praise on to you.
Best regards,

Georg Thiebes - www.thiebes.eu - Owner


since more than 90 years

Our company was founded in 1925 by Mr. August Conzelmann and is now being run by the third generation. In addition to conventional, multicolored letterpress and offset printing with fully developed prepress, we specialize in embossing using the classic processes of steel engraving, embossing foil printing and blind embossing.

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Our favorite projects

Sea lily

A fossil from Holzmaden serves as the basis for a unique art sheet. Elaborate preparatory work was necessary for this masterpiece of printing technology.

Nebra Sky Disc

Early history and astronomy are two personal areas of interest of company owner Willi Conzelmann.

Novum: Cover Issue 10/2019

Why just one cover when you can have a lot more? According to this motto, the October issue of novum appears in four different colors and has been refined with two hot foils and a special gold color.


for haptic experiences

From classic crucibles to state-of-the-art foil stamping machines: We are ideally equipped to implement your product requirements. In order to achieve the best possible result, we also offer all prepress services: data acceptance and data optimization, photography, image processing and text formatting.

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