Pure elegance

Blind Embossing

Blind embossing on letter stationary and calling cards is elegant, distinguished, conservative and yet full of character. It exhibits all the subtleties of the theme. Blind embossing allows bidimensional motifs to be displayed without exaggerated predominance. The imprint can be left flat or rounded at one level, or be built up on more levels as a three-dimensional relief.

For blind embossing, we can process print sheets up to the size of 53 × 74 cm.

Objects are created that are well-balanced and possessing true sublimity; neither being meager nor excessive in their appearance.

Blind embossing is at first colourless embossing of the paper or cardboard. The embossing material is formed following the contours of the embossing tool. Blind embossing can be underlain with offset print or embossing foil. In this way, it is often possible to heighten the all-round effect.

Blind embossing is often used in combination with, or in enhancement to: offset printing, hot foil or die stamping.

When blind embossing is carried out by amateurs, it is often with disappointing results. Consequently, our wealth of experience at August Conzelmann is of great advantage in ensuring the best results for our customers.