What we can do for you

Our Service

In addition to our routine work, we offer our customers a very comprehensive service, which covers all areas contributing to a rapid and satisfying completion of their order.


To meet your expectations and to ensure the smooth processing of your order, we advise you thoroughly about the job you have in mind, make proposals using descriptive samples of similarly designed objects, and point out any possible difficulties that may be expected during production, all of which makes our work easier, as well.

Delivery and Pick-up service

We organize delivery to you or to your customer, offer a pick-up and delivery service with our own neutral company vehicles or via messenger service – to make sure things get there on time, when time may be at a premium.

Openness and cooperative partnership

Most assuredly there exist jobs that our facilities may not be able to carry out optimally. In these cases, we are glad to make recommendations of other capable workshops that are in a position to fulfill your orders in a rapid and dependable way. We place all of our knowledge and experience at your complete disposal.