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Adhesive labels

Adhesive labels are a broad field. They can be stored on endless rolls or laid flat on sheets of paper; whatever best suits the set requirements.

Paper, plastic foils, textiles or metals can be used as materials. We manufacture labels using letterpress, offset or hot foil print.

When using hot foil printing, a three dimensional relief can be attained as you know it from sheet fed printing. Indeed, we invite you to take a closer look at this seldom practiced variation. For this label form, thicker paper or light cardboard is best suited. Foils generally do not hold the relief well. It works very impressively for paper or cardboard, however.

The labels are usually punched out at the end. This almost makes any imaginable shapes possible that are technically practicable.

Special adhesives and surface treatments – specifically the inline lamination with a transparent foil – give the label its final properties, especially the resistance that the customer needs for his special application.

Regardless if the better solution for your labels is upon sheets or endless rolls; it would be better to decide after we have had a preliminary conversation.